Clean Geen by all-natural cannabis is a concept derived by Founder Debbie Daanc while using medicinal marijuana to manage conditions of a terminal brain tumor. Debbie's tumor type, an Oligodendroglioma grade III, has a median survival range of 3.5 years. Her tumor was discovered after having seizures and she had allergic reactions to anti-seizure medications. After reading of a European study in which THC cells killed Oligodendroglioma cells, she began using medical marijuana to control her seizures and tumor growth. As of this writing Debbie has survived her tumor for 17 years

All medicine should be as free of side effects as possible, therefore, all-natural medical cannabis should not be an ideal but a minimum standard to bear the claim of medicine. Recreational cannabis should be equally safe. The Government may at some point develop standards. DAANC standards are required by consumers. We are about promoting the establishment and promotion of those cannabis products meeting those standards.