CANNABIS launched November 2016, check your social media.

DAANC is proud to join the National Cannabis Industry Association. The NCIA will help provide a voice in the political and legislative forum, helping address issues of national cannabis standards, banking and legislation - to name a few.

Sponsored Scholarships for 4/20 on DAANC Certification fees. Use promo code AQA9NWCIH272

DAANC is proud to sponsor our CFI Jeff Wells Vegan edible at the NW Cannabis Classic in Anchorage, Alaska May 15-20th. Go Jeff!

Met this dude last night and he proudly showed me his "brand" of dabs with his company name and logo on the label. Knowing he is committed to all-natural, I suggested he seek a certification mark with DAANC. He advised me he was "branding" his product. I asked him if anyone knew his brand outside of that city, let alone county, and not even the state. I asked how he planned to establish brand loyalty with such a small demographic, and realistically, lots of competition. And his label, it doesn't even let you know it was made all-natural, like most, it doesn't say anything other than his company name and logo. Want your Brand to stand out as produced all-natural, as top-shelf or Vegan? Want to be advertised all across America for FREE?  My friends, the future is DAANC.

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The DAANC website was launched November 2016 and by 2017 you can continue the conversation of all natural cannabis on social media facebook, twitter, and youtube.