DAANC Silver Certified Clean Green is our basic certification for everyone with a product that is all natural and therefore meets our standards. Indoor and outdoor cannabis flowers, CBD strains, edibles, etc. can establish by DAANC third party verification they are produced by an all natural process by bearing the certification mark. Those that feel their product is Top Shelf or Premium product, for instance cannabis with THC level 24% or higher, can represent such with the DAANC Gold Certified Clean Green mark. The hardest standard to achieve is Vegan, Vegan standards must meet the criteria of Silver and the additional standards of Vegan. The Vegan standards are subsidized as part of the mission of DAANC.

  1. How do I apply for certification? Answer: Purchase the certification you seek. Complete and send in the application form. You will be contacted by a CFI.
  2. What if I don't get approved? Answer: You can reapply without having to pay again.
  3. Will they tell me what I should do if I am not approved? Answer: The CFI may consult with you but it is not our role to provide solutions.
  4. If I am approved, then what do I get? Answer: You can now advertise your product as DAANC Certified Clean Green and can include it in your packaging. Additionally, you get: the first 420 certification stamps or $50 off label design to incorporate the certification mark into your label. Also, listing in DAANC Certified Directory and discounts on everything.
  5. Okay, but my brand name is so cool, why do I need a certification mark? Answer: Because it's third party representation of an all-natural product and you can still brand but enjoy the group branding of DAANC without paying for the advertising.
  6. But I think there is a cannabis organization in my State, why not just join them? Answer: While we have members, certifications are earned. The Domestic Alliance All Natural Cannabis is the only certification mark for all 50 States that defines top-shelf and Vegan standards.
  7. I should do this, but I am very private, I am not comfortable with people stopping by. Answer: DAANC makes every effort to take advantage of technology and Skype or similar video conferencing is used. Your application and our in-house files are stored securely.
  8. I heard I have to give up more in the future, like $5 per pound of my profits or something. Answer: That's the other people, we do ask for a $100 annual renewal review.
  9. I am pretty close to all natural, you aren't expecting perfection, right? Answer: Actually, we are. If you don't have it right we can suggest help but no certification no exceptions.
  10. My grow is bigger than most, can I go to the front of the line? Answer: No
  11. What about minerals like dolomite and greensand? Answer: All minerals used must be carbon based excluding carbides, carbonates and cyanides.
  12. What if I have more questions? Email us at Certification: and we will refer it to your regions Field Inspector.